Hypnosis/ Exposure Therapy/ Desensitization

Classic icons for hypnosis are typically a clock swaying back and forth, or psychedelic spirals.
psych hypnosis watchpsych hypnosis spiral

Hypnosis also contains the concept of a meditative state. Saying the same thing over and over, mantras, Ohm, are all the loop function applied to human thought. Basically the process of hypnosis is gaining access to your unconscious mind. With your brain in this hypnotic, suggestible state, it’s possible to erase or override non-productive patterns and replace them with useful ones.

This idea also seems to make sense when we think repeated images in other contexts. Exposure therapy is a behavioral therapy technique that’s all about repeatedly exposing a patient what it is they are afraid so that they can overcome those fears.

The idea of desensitization, repeated exposure to a particular image or particular types of images could make you less sensitive to them, depends on this notion that repetition can be transformative — it can fundamentally change you.

Someone has actually come up with a crazy new startup idea which they called GIPHNOSIS: Using GIFs to reprogram yourself.

By using GIFs as screen savers you can transform people’s moods in all kinds of ways. It might means desensitizing you to a scary thought or movie scene or improving your mood by showing you adorable kittens.
pscyh mood altering gif 1pscyh mood altering gif kittens

Source:  Great Article on Usefulness of GIFs


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