Sigmund Freud The Id, Ego, & Superego

Class Starter Questions:  What are some examples of the Id and the pleasure principle from the cartoon? some examples of the superego and the morality principle?

Sigmund Freud believed that personality is composed of 3 parts-the id, the ego, and the superego. Remember these are not parts of the brain but parts of personality.

Words of the Day:  Copy the definitions for id, ego, superego

The id  is completely unconscious. Responsible for your sexual and aggressive instincts;operates under the “pleasure principle” seeking immediate gratification.

The superego operates on the “morality principle”. Imposes society’s expectations & norms on you.

The ego : rational and practical; mediates between the demands of the id and the superego. The ego operates on the “reality principle” means when it is socially acceptable the ego gives into the demands of the id.

Defense Mechanisms

Freud says we use defense mechanisms to reduce anxiety.

You do NOT need to copy the list of defense mechanisms.  They’ll come later when we study Personality.

Repression-to bury painful memories of experiences. Ex. a woman who is sexually abused as a child doesn’t remember the abuse

Projection-when we transfer our own thoughts, motives onto others. Ex. You dislike a teacher, but you insists that it is the teacher who doesn’t like you.

Denial-when we refuse to acknowledge something painful. Ex. You have a drinking problem but you deny it saying you don’t.

Displacement-when you redirect your anger or unacceptable impulses onto others or objects. Ex. You kick your dog because you are mad at your dad.

Rationalization-You overly justify or explain your actions. Ex. You do bad on a test and you blame the teacher or you say the test was unfair.

Regression– You retreat from a situation by regressing (reverting) to an earlier age. Ex. A high school student who sucks their thumb when they are stressed out.

Reaction Formation- Thinking or acting in a way that is OPPOSITE of your true feelings. Ex. A step-mom buys expensive gifts for her step daughter when she really despises her.


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