Baumrind/Parenting Styles

authoritarian parenting

Class Starter:Copy the questions & answer.
3 Parenting Styles

  1. What are the 3 parenting styles?
  2. Describe how they are alike or different from each other.
  3. How would you describe your own parents? Are they permissive? authoritative? authoritarian? Why?

Permissive: 1) Permissive parents DO set rules, make minimal demands, and allow their children to reach their own decisions. 2) Children of permissive parents tend to be impulsive, immature, often fail to respect others.

Authoritative: 1) Authoritative parents set FIRM RULES, make reasonable demands, and listen to their child’s viewpoints, while still insisting on responsible behavior. 2) Children of authoritative parents tend to be well-adjusted, goal-oriented, and socially competent.

Authoritarian (rhymes with “totalitarian”): 1) Authoritarian parents set RIGID RULES, enforce strict punishments, and rarely listen to their child. 2) Children of authoritarian parents tend to be moody, aggressive, and often lack good communication skills.


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