Cast Away “Problem-Solving”

cast away

Today’s Agenda

  1. View 30 minutes of Cast Away.
  2. Work on your ABC’s.  30 minutes.  Add the following thinking and problem-solving words to your ABC’s of Psychology Chart: 1) algorithm, 2) availability heuristic, 3) representativeness heuristic, 4) functional fixedness, 5) mental set
  3. At 2:15 go to homeroom to get progress reports, schedules, and do technology survey.


  • MAY 27th:  Memorial Day Holiday – No School for Students
  • Tuesday, May 28th – 3rd and 2nd period Common Exams
  • Wednesday, May 29th – 1st and 4th period Common Exams.  THERE IS NO COMMON EXAM IN PSYCHOLOGY.  ON MAY 29 DURING THE 4TH PERIOD YOU WILL TAKE A PRACTICE EXAM.

JUNE 3rd – 6th: EOC/VOCATS State Testing/Regular Exams

  • Monday, June 3rd – 3rd period
  • Tuesday, June 4th – 2nd period
  • Wednesday, June 5th – 1st period
  • Thursday, June 6th – 4th period (YOU TAKE MY TEACHER MADE EXAM)

JUNE 5th – 6th: Senior Graduation Practice from 12:30-2:45 on the 5th and 12:30-3:30 on the 6th 


About victoriaruss

I teach World History, Civics, AP Psychology, and AP Government at West Bladen High School.
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