Review- Brain Injury

Quote “And by the way, Mama… alligators are ornery because of their medulla oblongata.”   Bobby Boucher The Waterboy

Study the Interactive Brain.
Instructions. Below are 3 problems. Each describes a brain injury and its effects on behavior. Your task is to identify the precise area of the brain that has been damaged.

1. Bella fell while skiing this past winter. When she fell, she hit the back of her very sharply against the ice on the slope. She now has difficulty moving about; her movements are jerky and she has to concentrate hard to make even the simplest of movements.


2. Edward was in car accident recently. He seems okay except that he has a very difficult time remembering things. He can remember things that happened in his life prior to the accident; his difficulty appears to be in forming new memories.


3. To pay his way through college, Jacob took a part-time job in the evenings working in a small factory. While he was working, the factory caught fire and there was an explosion before he could escape to safety. The explosion caused a small piece of metal to lodge deeply in his left frontal lobe. Although he made a complete recovery otherwise, his ability to use language was forever changed; he could not express himself at all–he could only utter one or two words.


Today’s Agenda

  1. Numbered Heads Activity.
  2. Here’s how it works. Get in groups of 4.  I will assign a number 1-4 to each group member. Then I will read case studies of brain trauma and ask a question about it. Students in each group discusses the question and/or work together to formulate an answer. I will next call out a number 1-4 and that student responds to the question with the group’s response.
  3. Brain models are due today & tomorrow.  Your model can be  made of modeling clay, on a display board, an edible brain, etc.
  4. Brain Parts Test

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