Word of the Day “Central Nervous System (CNS) vs. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

Word of the Day  CNS vs. PNS  (Further down in this post)

  1. Review neurons. Make a Mad, Mad, Mad Neuron. 
  2. In the blue Understanding Psychology book read pp. 156-159.
  3. Complete chart of Brain Parts.
  4. Classwork draw 2 pictures of the brain.
  5. Picture 1 show the cerebral cortex, the 4 lobes (regions), and the location of the primary motor cortex and primary sensory cortex.
  6. Picture 2 pg. 1661 Figure 6.5 show the inside of the brain. Label the major structures of the hindbrain, midbrain, and forebrain.

central nervous system (the brain & spinal cord) vs. peripheral nervous system (the sensory & motor neurons that connect the CNS to the rest of the body)

PNS has 2 components-somatic and autonomic.  Our somatic nervous system over voluntary control of skeletal muscles. Our autonomic nervous system (similar to “automatic”) controls our involuntary functions like heartbeat, digestion, gland activity.

The sympathetic nervous system arouses and expands energy;“the fight or flight” response.

The parasympathetic nervous system “calms” you. Mnemonic device for remembering the parasympathetic nervous system.  A paramedic calms a person who has been injured, or think of a “parachute” when someone jumps out of a plane, the parachute slows them down.

nervous system


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